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Once we have your Australian vehicle details we can begin with the process of quoting your import. Every vehicle is different so we put together a bespoke quotation that accurately reflects the current shipping rates. We also take into consideration the value of your vehicle and the best way to transport it.

We collect your vehicle

In Australia, we can arrange inland transport to collect your vehicle from anywhere to the closest port. We several ports frequently to keep the costs of shipping your vehicle as low as possible.

On the water

During the transport phase of your vehicle from Australia, it will be at sea for some time. We will supply you with the estimated arrival date once it sets sail.

Onwards delivery

Your Australian car is transported from the port to our premises whereby it will undergo the required modifications to make it compliant in the United Kingdom.


Upon passing the relevant tests the vehicle can be submitted for registration. This is the process of awaiting your new number plates that will be on the car for use in the United Kingdom.

Accept your quote

Our easy system makes it easy for you to supply us the required documentation to register your vehicle and assist with any ToR application.

Container loading

Experts in ocean-freight will load your vehicle into a container ready to set sail for the United Kingdom.

Customs clearance in the UK

All of the required paperwork is taken care of for you. If you are a transferring resident we can assist with the process to ensure you do not pay any tax on your NOVA. The customs process can be tricky but we take care of it all, so don't worry!

Modifications & Testing

The final steps of your Australian car are simply to modify the vehicle so that it is legal to drive in the United Kingdom. Depending on the age of the vehicle it will have a variety of tests to ensure that it is compliant.

Onwards delivery or collection?

Once the vehicle has been submitted for registration it can be delivered or collected. Although bear in mind you won't be able to drive the vehicle until the registration number has been issued. If your car is delivered to you we will post the number plates separately to ensure the vehicle is on the road as soon as possible. If you decide to wait for the vehicle to have the number plates fitted and would like to drive the vehicle away - it will need to be insured.

Get a quote to import your vehicle from Australia

Let us know the details about your vehicle and we can quote you accurately for your import.

Getting your vehicle over the sea.

As a full-service importer, we take care of the entire process and that includes the shipping of your vehicle from Australia. Here are the questions we get asked the most and if you decide to go ahead we can answer any other questions you might have. 

Does it matter what port my car is shipped from? 

Not really. The cost might slightly change, but not enough to outweigh the benefits of moving your car inland to a different port due to the added cost of the transport. 

I’m a transferring resident, what container size is needed?

Depending on how much stuff you are bringing back from Australia dictates how much space you will need. 

If you are shipping your car then we can consolidate the shipment to save you money. This means we put your car in with other cars we are shipping to cut the costs for you. 

However, we understand that does not always work for those looking to bring more possessions with them. 

A 20ft container will fit a car with a small number of your possessions. Most people will say you can move a small house/flat in a 20ft container and a 40ft doubles that capacity. 

Transferring residents moving a large amount of stuff might want to consider a FCL (full container loader) which is, in essence, a private container for your goods. 

Can you help with moving our possessions? 

We only import cars and would recommend you use a local moving expert to help with your relocation. 

Once it arrives in the United Kingdom if you choose to go with another company for the shipping element of your private possessions and car then we’ll collect the car from the port.

I want my move to be hassle-free, what should my relocation agent offer? 

If you are looking for the easiest way to get everything to the UK from Australia then you’ll want a door to door moving service. 

It’s the most expensive way to move your stuff. But there is virtually no hassle. 

In Australia, your possessions are packed – then sent to the port ready to ship. Once in the United Kingdom, they will manage the process of getting everything to your new house in the UK. 

Saving money when relocating? 

If you want to save money, then you can simply use what most companies call ‘port to port’. 

You are responsible for delivering all of the goods to the port. The shipping company will usually help you load them into the container but you would have to ask your chosen shipping agent. 

On arrival in the United Kingdom, the transport from the port to your new home will have to be arranged. 

Marine insurance, is it needed? 

If we are shipping your vehicle then we will always include marine insurance on the quote. 

Its there to protect your asset in case the worse should happen. 

When shipping with other shipping agents especially those who deal with door to door relocations it is usually included on your quote. 

Transferring your residency to the United Kingdom – what do you need to know?

Many of our customers aren’t importing cars because they have found their dream car. They are transferring residents to the UK. Whether that be for work or just returning citizens. 

How much tax will you pay to import your vehicle under the ToR scheme?

So long as you have owned the car for at least 12 months then you won’t pay any tax to import the vehicle into the United Kingdom. Which makes it more attractive to those wishing to emigrate to the United Kingdom. 

Can you bring your possessions in the car? 

Yes. So long as you have owned them again for 12 months and they are on the inventory of the container. Anything on the prohibited list must not be in the car (this is usually alcohol and tobacco). 

Don’t hesitate to pack your car up with your possesions as it could save you money when moving to the United Kingdom in terms of transport costs. 

Will you help with the ToR forms? 

If you decide to import your car with us then we give you a dedicated account manager to take care of any paperwork. 

They are there to assist with any questions you have and to help with the applications. 

We understand that moving is stressful enough without the added stress. 

Do you accept payments in Australian dollars?

To better serve the needs of transferring residents you can pay in either GBP or Australian dollars. 

It’s a good way to use up any remaining currency without losing out when you exchange your Australian dollars into GBP.  

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